Our eco-friendly, heavy-duty, compostable NatureNow product line is made from bagasse sugarcane, using only sustainable raw materials. Our factory is B.P.I. certified.

We've added a corn based (still compostable) coating (PLA) to the bottom of our bagasse containers. Great for very hot and saucy foods! NatureNow Premium adds that extra and secure moisture barrier to keep the container firm. Greatly improves heat and moisture tolerance. Simply the best performing compostable to-go container on the market!


8 oz. Heavy Molded Fiber Bowl/Yogurt Cup, Case Pack:1000 (8/125), Cube:1.52, Case Weight: 14.5lbs, Pallet:9Lx9H (81 Cases)
12 oz. Heavy Molded Fiber Bowl, Case Pack:1000 (8/125), Cube:2.02, Case Weight: 23lbs, Pallet:7Lx6H (42 Cases)
16 oz. Heavy Molded Fiber Bowl, Case Pack:1000 (8/125), Cube:2.96, Case Weight: 29.5lbs, Pallet:6Lx6H (36 Cases)

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